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I’ve not had a W2 from an employer in 25 years.

I’m a big believer in business ownership.
My Story

My Story

I’ve owned 2 businesses in addition to my current consulting work helping others become business owners themselves.

My first business was as a partner in a web development agency that started in the late 90s and that I exited in 2009, and I owned an insurance agency from 2010 to 2022. The web development agency came about organically from doing some web development work that grew to a 10 person agency due to an abundance of demand.

The insurance agency was a more deliberate search when my partner in the web agency and I decided to go our separate ways. The insurance agency gave me the financial independence I sought, but I never really enjoyed it. When I took the agency I didn’t know enough about what I wanted in a business to make a selection that really fit me.

Where I’ve Worked

1998 - 2009
Partner at Web Development Agency
2010 - 2022
Owner of Insurance Agency
2019 - Present
Franchise Consultant

How it all started

In 2018, I was talking with a friend, Andy, who had started a franchise business in home health care around the same time I started my insurance agency. Andy had used a franchise consultant to help him select his business, and he selected a business that gave him great satisfaction in addition to giving him financial independence.

He described the process that the consultant used to help him consider a host of factors beyond simply how much money he could make. Icing on the cake for Andy is that the consultant didn’t cost him a dime to use. I was immediately drawn to the idea of helping people have the experience he had versus the experience I had in selecting my business.

Andy connected me with the consulting firm that helped him find his home health care franchise, and I began as a franchise consultant later that year.

I absolutely love helping folks find a business perfectly tailored to them.

I sold my insurance agency in late 2022 to focus all my efforts on franchise consulting.