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You want to be a business owner. I want to help you get there.

Whether you want to Escape Corporate America, create some side income, or add another business to your portfolio, I can help you find the perfect franchise to reach your goals.

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A Well-Tested,

Methodical Process



This is where we uncover the characteristics that a franchise has to have to be a perfect fit for you. We’ll explore everything that is important to you including:


Investment level

Income needs

A reasonable financial path into your business

How long you want to have your business

What you like and don’t like doing in your business day

Family considerations and a ton of other factors

We’ll also start to introduce you to the main categories of franchise opportunities, some of the lingo, and what to expect as you go along in the process.



From information gathered about you in the consultation, I’ll create a model and use that model to match you with a concise list of franchises that line up with the criteria we identified.

I can usually have this completed within a week of our consultation.

We’ll discuss the franchise on the list at a high level, and then I’ll introduce you to the franchise development team at each franchise.


Advice Along the Way

Once you begin your discovery process with the franchisors, you’ll have questions best answered by someone not associated with the franchise. I’ll be there for you. I can offer suggestions on financing and professionals who can assist with tax and legal questions.


Motivational Support

Anyone can get in and start investigating business ownership.
A very small percentage actually do the thing.

Making the leap to become a business owner is a big one often fraught with uncertainty.  Whether your leap involves leaving a steady paycheck or simply investing in a side gig, I’ll be there to encourage you as you  move toward your goal.  It all begins with a first step.  Please select a time on my calendar that’s convenient for you, so we can begin to explore opportunities together.  

The Service

You Can Expect